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What is

A simple tool that lets you first set a search scenario, then ask your friends to answer it as if they were using a search engine.

Why would I do that?

To find potential keywords for your website. The words and phrases throws up can be used as part of your SEO and keyword research.

Could you give me an example?

Sure. Imagine you sell cars in Aberdeen, Scotland. The main keyword tools have not given any decent search volume for car related searches in your area. However, you know people in Aberdeen buy cars so what are they searching for?

You set up a simple scenario such as "You are thinking of changing your car. What would you search for?". gives you a unique URL to give to friends, colleagues, business assciciates etc. You can email it, post in a forum, on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else. All they have to do is click the URL and answer the question on the screen, which in this case would be "You are thinking of changing your car. What would you search for?".

The list of keywords that are created can then be used as part of your SEO work.

Does this replace the main keyword tools?

No. We'd advise using them to check the list of keywords creates although people have reported that is helping them find valuable keywords in its own right.

I created a scenario but my keyword list shows no results! doesn't create the list for you! You MUST send your unique URL, provided when you created your scenario, to your network of contacts. It's your network who build the list for you.

Can I abuse SeedKeywords to generate links to my crappy website?

No. SeedKeywords doesn't create links to websites ;)