About Seed Keywords

A brief history.

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A very simple tool

Seed Keywords was created by UK-based inbound marketing agency Red Evolution. It’s a very simple tool that can be used as part of a keyword research exercise.

Red Evolution

How do real people search?

Keyword research is an activity that aims to establish what people search to solve a given problem. For example, a person who wants to book a flight to Italy might search in Google using the phrase “Cheap flights to Italy”. Although established keyword research tools such as SEMRush provide data for specific phrases, starting the research process can sometimes be challenging. Enter Seed Keywords.

Gather data

Seed Keywords was created to allow people to create a scenario, such as “When looking for flights online what do you search for?” and, by sending a link Seed Keywords provides to your friends, gather data about what they would type into Google.

Providing great keyword ideas

It’s a simple tool that can potentially provide some great keyword ideas when you’re starting out, trying to establish what search terms to optimise for.